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We provide Refrigerated Air Conditioning best solution for you every time.

Using indoor and outdoor units, connected through a network of ducts carrying refrigerant for fast and effective cooling, refrigerated air conditioning is a truly effective way to deliver a controlled and comfortable chill throughout your whole home.

Rosanna Heating & Cooling is proud to supply a range of refrigerated air conditioning systems for truly competitive prices. Simply call us today on 03 9459 6700 and organise a free quote with one of our specialist team members.


We come to you, visiting your property in these initial quote stages to discuss your exact needs, and decide upon a heating or cooling system that works for you. Refrigerated air conditioning is a popular choice for many energy conscious property owners who also want to minimize the noise other cooling systems can create.

One of our popular refrigerated systems on offer is the Daikin Refrigerated System range. With connected indoor and outdoor units, you can filter and dehumidify air on top of simply changing your household’s temperature. Compact, small and reliable, these models are easy to use, with a range of wall controls available depending on your desire for pre-programming.

Easy to zone for different areas of your home, refrigerated air conditioning systems flow through a network similar to conventional ducting. It’s a fantastically convenient option that quickly pays for itself in energy bill reductions.

Better Air Quality in our humid air conditioner will ensure you are staying comfortable for hours.

We supply new and pre-owned refrigeration, dryers, washing machines, air conditioners, washing machines and dryers.

No matter how many times you do it you will not feel a single loss when getting a fresh dry body or

Rosanna Heating and Cooling has over 68 years’ experience in the business – with the wealth of knowledge behind us to tackle any challenge, let one of our qualified tradesman give you a cooling plan consult. We know the individual merits of each type of cooling system, and of each individual model and brand. Happy to offer our expertise during your decision making process, you can rely on Rosanna Heating and Cooling for professional, no-fuss installations.

Simply call us today on 03 9459 6700 and book a quote, consult or installation appointment with one of our dedicated Rosanna Heating and Cooling team members. Operating throughout Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs, we’re truly committed to ensuring you get the right refrigerated air conditioning unit or system for your situation, budget and needs.

If you still need for any other Refrigerated Air Conditioning that is not available, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you out