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About Convair

Convair is a brand of Seeley International. Seeley International is Adelaide based, family owned business and has been manufacturing air conditioners in Australia since Founder and Executive Chairman Frank Seeley first established the company in 1972. The Braemar brand includes residential and commercial solutions.

Seeley's other brands includes Braemar, BreezeAir, CoolAir, Climate Wizard, Coolerada, Aira and Integrated Comfort.

Convair's solutions:

Convair specialises in portable solutions.  It is not always possible or practical to get a fixed heating or cooling system installed and that’s where Convair’s portable range comes in.  The Convair  range includes portable tower fans, refrigerated air conditioners and portable panel heaters, so you can be comfortable all year round.

Convair Portable Units

Our staff are fully trained in Convair's solutions for your residential or commercial property. Call and ask about a Convair solution that is just right for your home.