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Specialising in delivering superior heating and cooling solutions to customers throughout Melbourne’s northern suburbs the team at Rosanna Heating and Cooling are here to improve the comfort of your home or office’s climate, no matter the conditions outside your door. With over 68 years of experience providing unmatched air conditioning installation services Preston home and business owners can trust us to oversee the seamless integration of air conditioning units and systems into your property. Dissatisfied with traditional air conditioning units? Looking for something new? Here’s a rundown on how to get it working: Before you go any further, see our high-resolution in-depth DIY guide to solar panels for a DIY, water-efficient, out-of-the-box solution to extend your natural-based heating and cooling options.

Evaporative Cooling Preston

Are you after a low-cost and environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional air conditioning units? Using an innovative system comprised of pads soaked in cold water and powerful fans evaporative cooling units pump cool and fresh air throughout your property. By their design evaporative cooling units require windows to be open. This method ensures that, depending on the size of your home, the air in your home is completely freshened every two minutes. By choosing Rosanna Heating and Cooling for your evaporative cooling you will gain a professional air conditioner installer team. Preston residents wanting more information can call us today! At Rosanna Heating and Cooling we are passionate about providing you with complete and long-lasting comfort.


line i decided to have a Breezair evaporative cooling unit installed in my property and had two companies out to quote. Ron from Rosanna Heating & Cooling did not try to sell me the most expensive unit and was extremely knowledgeable. The second company who came out quoted over $5k. I said I didn’t want to spend anything near that however they didn’t even offer a second option. I had already therefore made up my mind and chose Rosanna Heating & Cooling and couldn’t be happier. They installed it a day earlier (02/01/13!) .. just as well as the temperatures were getting hotter! The installation was excellent and the unit which is installed is like a whisper .. you can’t even hear it .. and most of all .. we have a cool home during these hot days. I can’t recommend Rosanna Heating & Cooling highly enough.